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The First
Adur Valley Beer Walk, Sat 27 May 2017

updated: 19th May 2017

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CAMRA – Brighton & South Downs Branch with Arun & Adur Branch


Riverside Brewery is easily reached by getting off the No. 2 bus to Steyning (from Shoreham or Brighton) at the ‘Shoreham Road’ bus stop (the one before The Rising Sun!). Walk into Beeding Court Business Park and the brewery is straight ahead.

Adur Brewery is reached by getting off the No.2 bus at Steyning ‘Clock Tower’ bus stop, then walk north along the High Street (same direction as the bus travels) about 400 yards. The Star Inn appears on your right. Take Mouse Lane which is the road on the left on the corner, after the Model Bakery. In about a third of a mile you reach the brewery (after ‘Charlton Court Barn’).
OR instead of Mouse Lane (which is fairly narrow with traffic) try a footpath: Just beyond Star Inn go left up Sir George’s Place (Model Bakery is on the corner). In 200 yards turn right down the footpath just before Court Mill. Over the little bridge turn right then right at the track and immediately left up a small footpath into the woods. Cross a stile and the footpath takes you through fields – follow the fence – to another stile and track down to the right. At the road (Mouse Lane) go left uphill and Adur Brewery shortly appears on your right.
OR: Stay on the High Street past the Star Inn, following it round the corner. In about 500 yards take the footpath left opposite the Sports Centre/ Grammar School. Over a stile and straight on. When you reach the big rusty tub go left past a metal gate. At the road (Mouse Lane) go right 50 yards uphill to the Adur Brewery.

To Adur Brewery from Riverside Brewery you could take a No 2 bus from outside the brewery, to Steyning ‘Clock Tower’ and follow directions above. But... only one bus per hour (5 past). OR – follow instructions below IN REVERSE (not easy!) OR pick up a new direction leaflet at Riverside Brewery (directions to be added here later!)

To Riverside Brewery from Adur Brewery (2.5 miles) Go left, straight down Mouse Lane and in 20 yards a concreted ramp on the right leads to a metal gate. Take the track curving left of the gate, to a stile and footpath alongside horse fields to the village. At the fork bear left to a stile and down to join Mouse Lane again, then right at the end (High Street). You can go along Steyning High Street past Star Inn, the shops, Chequer Inn and White Horse, to Church Street then follow instructions at l below. OR to avoid traffic and shoppers: go a short way to your right along the road then right up St. George’s Place (Model Bakery on the corner) to a footpath on the left past the little lay-by with parked cars. At the tennis courts go left and round the corner. Eventually you will pass the back yard of Chequer Inn on your left (opposite a house called “AMBLESIDE – 1 THE GARDENS”). Then continue to the corner and follow the road left. The White Horse appears on your left. Cross over to Church Street and l in 100 yards The Norfolk Arms appears on your left. Turn right opposite it down School Lane past The Steyning Centre and up and along Holland Road. When at the end cross to a footpath which bridges over the A283 then right-left along fenced footpaths and down Castle Way; left-right to another footpath. At the end you can go left via the river or right via Castle remains.
TO THE LEFT via river (1.3 miles): Walk along the gravel path to a kissing-gate. Follow the footpath towards a distant telegraph pole and at the metal gates go right, towards a footbridge over the river. You want to follow the river now to your right, but you can walk down either side, to Beeding Bridge at The Street in Bramber. Then take the left side of the river (and continue at k below).
TO THE RIGHT via Bramber Castle (1.2 miles): In 500 yards keep right along a track going down, and at the bend (when a road comes into view) turn left up the footpath, avoiding the horse field and stile on the right. Climb to a path along a ridge. This takes you round Bramber Castle remains to St. Nicholas’ Church. Follow the church fence down to The Street opposite The Old Tollgate Hotel. Left along the road past the Castle Inn Hotel, to cross the river and immediate right along the riverside. k (The remains of The Bridge pub are on the corner, painted up). This footpath goes past the beer garden of The King’s Head. At the fork leave the river and go left across a field to a wooden kissing-gate. The third driveway on the right leads you to Riverside Brewery (Beeding Court Business Park).

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