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Autumn-Winter 2020
last updated 17th October 2020

Social.. Secretary:

Adrian Towler

or Branch President Pete Coppard, 01273 683322

Postcodes are to help you locate pubs on
Streetmap uk, or Beer in the Evening website....

Sussex Drinker (Autumn 2020) is out now for you to read. Another, due out in November, is in preparation.
electronic version only, (Covid 19; as a PDF file, 566 Kb.) Click here.

Socials are operating, with due care

You'll need your face mask for public transport etc. and looks like we need to keep to groups of 6 - so maybe on popular nights, two groups of six?

If antone turned up to The Dyke Alehouse on Oct 15th and was turned away, my apologies. Please see NOTE below.

Thurs 22nd October from 7.30pm -to be Evening Star, Brighton subject to confirmation on this site later

Thurs 29th October from 7.30pm -to be decided at the 22nd October get-together

NOTE It is my unpleasant duty to apologise for last night’s disaster at The Dyke. I was tied up at our rented flat yesterday, fixing creaky floorboards in the morning before the carpet fitters came in the afternoon. So a bit pushed for time. But they didn’t actually turn up ‘till 4.30 then kept me beyond 6.30. I asked Jenny to reserve a table in the morning because i hadn’t time and I don’t think she got a telephone answer so ended up with e-mails. Then I was told they were ‘fully booked’ and I suppose if I was at home I’d have sent a circular to people likely to turn up (as I am doing now). But I didn’t have any other suggestions, and people might still turn up at The Dyke because of the website. So had to get there (in the van) to try and speak to people. Generally a mess caused by The Dyke and having carpet fitted at the same time. HOW TO STOP THIS HAPPENING - we could give up. When Roland & I got to The Evening Star it was closed. Pubs don’t close at 10pm as often said, it’s 9.30 for the bar. So I asked if we could book A WEEK AHEAD and was told to e-mail. I suggest EVENING STAR next Thurs. 22nd October BUT I will confirm that we have a ‘reservation’ (when I get one) And the advantage is, if there’s a problem, there are lots of nearby pubs we can probably walk into and be served (as Roland and I did last night in two). But of course The Dyke is a bit isolated in that respect. We should avoid isolated pubs.



Brighton & South Downs Branch Contact: John Kirkland 01293 519844

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